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Meant To Be: Marius and Leslie’s Wedding (SDE by Taavi Films)

Most of us believe in the adage, “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be”. So the hopeless romantic (who are you looking at?) can spend countless hours daydreaming about their soulmate. But how many have actually made the right prediction?

This is the strangely wonderful thing about life. No matter how much we try to plan our lives, we can only have so much control of the future. But the universe has its way of conspiring to take us where we’re meant to be–and with whom we’re meant to be.

Meet Marius and Leslie, whose story started in the confines of the workplace. Leslie probably never thought that the UI designer she was interviewing for the company she worked for would one day become her husband.

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Bohemian Luxe: Batanes Prenup of Jezreel & Lea

Bohemian Luxe, Batanes Prenup, Filterpan Photography

This couple didn’t escape the magical pull of Batanes. Originally planning for an Airport backdrop for their prenup session, they ended up opting for a bohemian luxe Batanes prenup. And this was because they followed their feelings.

It’s interesting to learn about different ways couples decide on how to go about their prenup session. After all, it’s a documentation or memento that’s normally representative of their pre-wedded love & relationship. Some couples go for themes related to where they met, where they spend most of their time together or a different kind of dream world for the both of them. The way things happened for Jez & Lea, it seems as if they were just led to it.
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Stop-Motion Prenup Video : Migs & Oyen

Prenup Video

‘Game Over’ doesn’t sound so bad if you put it in this stop-motion prenup video.

80’s kids won’t help but feel nostalgic watching this unique pre-nup video. The soundtrack in itself brings you a blast from the past. The couple, Migs & Oyen, and Filterpan, the videographer, did their own, modern take of the story between Mario & the Princess. There was no plumber & no princess, just Migs & Oyen, enjoying themselves in the make believe world of Mario Brothers, immortalizing the fact that for them, the ‘chase’ is over.

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Selfless Wedding: Why Watching This Video Will Bring You To Tears

filterpan, selfless wedding

Both full of God’s love, they chose to celebrate the most important day of their lives by inviting strangers to their “selfless wedding”.

We’ve seen how weddings change people; especially the two people proclaiming their love for each other through tying the knot and sealing their two bodies into one.

We’ve seen the magic, the miracle of how the ceremony, the vows, the intimacy, and the covenant transform the couple standing in front of everyone…

But this specific wedding took my breath away for it transformed not just the lives of the bride and groom but the lives of every single person who attended their big day.

Other couples choose to make their special day unique through innovative ideas for pre-nuptials, SDEs or sizing up the preparation, the venues, the dresses, bouquets and catering service. But these two lovebirds had a different idea of a ‘special day,’ it wasn’t just their special day, they decided to share it with so many people.
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