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6 Valuable Reasons Why You Need Professional Wedding Planners

wedding planners

To some, getting a professional wedding planner for their big day might be a no-brainer.

It’s already at the top of their list to make sure everything goes smoothly during their special day.  To those, however, who are still weighing the pros & cons of spending for a professional wedding planner as opposed to arranging things on their own with the help of friends & relatives, this might help you decide.

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More Unexpected Expenses That Blow Up Your Wedding Budget

more unexpected expenses

Want to know and prepare for more unexpected wedding expenses?. Canaan Celebrations shares with us the second part of their wedding budget tips.

There’s a saying, “Knowing the enemy is half the battle” and in this case, it is still very true. When we know the things that blow up our wedding budget, we prepare ourselves and find ways to avoid the problem.

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Unexpected Expenses That Blow Up Your Wedding Budget

As most soon-to-weds, you start your wedding preparations with a budget in mind. As these preparations progress, you might find yourselves going over and above your set budget so it’s good to prepare for unexpected expenses.

A closer look at what has transpired points us to some incidentals that were not taken into consideration.

Here are some of the items which are often forgotten. Because these are variable (each couple’s needs, preferences, capacities, experiences are unique), it is best to allot a portion (around 10 to 15%) of your budget to such similar expenditures. After all, we are sure you would rather want to have excess money to start your marriage than to have a broken piggy bank. Continue Reading →

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10 Good Reasons To Invest On Your Lights & Sounds Provider

sounds provider

Most soon-to-weds forego their lights and sounds provider.

“Oh, I don’t want pink or blue or violet hues in my reception, anyway.”

“Our venue already comes with speakers and microphones. They should be enough.”

“We have our musicians. They’ll cover all the songs and program parts we need.”

“We just have a simple program.”

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