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What Makes Us Unique

At The Top Knotters, we like to think we’re creating a culture of substance. Forget cute and stylish for a second! Our content primarily encourages couples and individuals alike to focus on what they value over what wedding media tells them they should want. So even as we feature some of the most eye-catching work from an incredibly diverse range of wedding suppliers—“knotters” as we like to call them—our commitment is to offer real people practical advice for planning a truly meaningful celebration, and for preparing for what comes after.

What Industry Experts Say


The one thing that blows all other local wedding blogs out of the water is the content...

The one thing that blows all other local wedding blogs out of the water is the content. The writing [on The Top Knotters] is engaging and witting—you always finish an article learning something new. Also, coverage is equitable: big suppliers and newcomers get a fair stake.

It's always nice to get a feature. Every hit going back to my site is always helpful.

Jason Magbanua Supreme Overlord

always relevant, always well-written, and always worthwhile.

First thing I loved is the look and feel of the site. I'm also impressed with the ease of navigation and the intuitiveness. But really the appeal of the Top Knotters is in its content - always relevant, always well-written, and always worthwhile.

Oly Ruiz Metrophoto/Owner and Chief Photographer

A more approachable venue to interact with suppliers...

Aside from the usual ways that wedding websites connects soon-to-weds to suppliers and gives advice and inspiration, I find The Top Knotters to be a more approachable venue to interact with suppliers. I like how TK is down-to-earth and not at all intimidating to couples.

Rhona Battung Canaan Celebrations

Our Thrust

Apart from providing tips on planning weddings with heart, and offering a sampling of as many reputable suppliers as we can find, The Top Knotters is also working on building positive but thought-provoking content centered around weddings, marriage, and relationships in general. So whether you’re already planning your wedding (fiance or boyfriend optional), just attending somebody else’s, or still wondering what the fuss over this millennia-old tradition is about, we’re sure you’ll find something here that will pique your interest and tug at your heartstrings.

What Our Readers Say...

The Top Knotters gives out a lot of very interesting and informative ideas that help soon-to-wed couples. The [detailed] features are something that couples seek out and need in creating their own perfect wedding.

[TK] is different because it relates more to people and features actual events...unlike other wedding websites where their blogs are too idealistic and sometimes, unrealistic.Continue to help spread love! Thank you for being such a blessing to soon-to-wed couples!

Ailen Albaña-Tamargo Bride

We get to read tips from real brides and brides-to-be. Their advice and stories help us by giving a preview of what to expect. I love that there's a story or Q & A, that the couple's experiences are involved sa write up. Not like para lang siyang catalog or ad for the suppliers.

The Top Knotters is different in the sense na they are not an ad for suppliers disguised as a wedding blog. It's more about love than retail. Its main objective isn’t to influence couples to hire this or that supplier, but wants to tell a story of love and how the couples' special moment took place or can come to be. And that's what I love about The Top Knotters.

Eunice Quiambao Bride

I get doses of inspiration from The Top Knotters. They give value to the process rather than just the outcome. Seeing the preparations and the story of the couple are just as important as seeing the wedding itself. I love how The Top Knotters features a wider variety of suppliers and events, not only the popular ones. Also that the styles of the weddings they feature do not fit a specific category of their preference. In this way, they get to encourage originality and authenticity among people making decisions regarding their events. Indeed, the most beautiful weddings are the ones that are personalized, genuine, and heartfelt.

Elda Almario Bride

Since We Started

From the very beginning, The Top Knotters has taken pride in sharing only tried-and-tested advice from reputable wedding suppliers and real-life couples. What’s more, we’ve dedicated ourselves to giving our readers a fresh perspective on weddings so that everything you read here is not only 100% original, but also comes with tons of heart.

We value every individual’s journey, which is why you’ll find here the different milestones we love celebrating—from proposals to engagement sessions to the wedding itself! We also have a steadily-growing section on debuts, such a big part of the coming-of-age of Filipinos around the world. Who knows? Maybe in the future we’ll do baptisms and first birthday parties. After all, when you tie the knot, these usually come as part of that whole package. All we know for sure is this: at The Top Knotters, Love reigns supreme.

From straightforward (but still sassy) tips, to editorial features that show and tell, to our almost literary analyses of love in five minutes by way of SDE reviews, it’s not just support for wedding planning that we offer our readers. Rather, we like to think that we’re encouraging them in their pursuit for something authentic, meaningful, and utterly worthwhile.

Here are Our Numbers

14,000 monthly visitors
460 daily views
5.58 % bounce rate
13 months

Meet Our Team

​Dominic Barrios

He’s not just here because he was once a bawling groom at the altar (Don’t worry, his bride showed up!). But having been a wedding photographer himself for ten years, Dominic has experienced all the difficulties most wedding suppliers go through—from not eating for the entire duration of the event, all the way to wracking his brains for the best way to market his services and book enough gigs for his calendar. While his photographic work may not be featured on the site (we’re impartial like that), his love for both the couple AND fellow suppliers is what truly sets The Top Knotters apart.

Mitzi Barrios

Not only did she pull off the wedding of her dreams to the man of her dreams, but Mitzi is also our resident branding strategist. Her strong background in advertising, marketing, and branding gives her that knack for tapping into the hearts of consumers to figure out what they need—and find ways to address those. She’s also very handy with an eyeliner.

Sky Ortigas  

Sky has searched far and wide—from the remotest provinces of the Philippines, to Africa and Brazil—all in search of her groom. Just kidding! Our graphic artist and web designer just really loves to travel (among many other things which include seeing the Pope in the flesh and drinking coffee). But we’re crossing our fingers that this year will really be the year she gets married. Message her if you have any recommendations.

Katrina Martin

Don’t ask Kat why she’s still single if you don’t wanna get an earful! But, between you and us, we think it’s because her future husband would have to share bed space with a mountain of books, a laptop, and a journal of story ideas. When our resident writer isn’t churning out hugot-filled articles for the blog, Kat is most likely punching keys at random in an attempt to finish her first novel. No, there won’t be a wedding in that one (it’s young adult!).

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