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Bridezilla, Begone!  6 Ways to Banish Wedding Stress

Everybody knows that the bride is always the most beautiful person in the room.

Maybe it’s the excitement of starting a new chapter of her life that brings an undeniable glow to her face.  But we also know that planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful—so much so that some blushing brides have been spotted transforming into a bridezilla instead!

The bridezilla is not an urban legend.  She is real and can sneak up on you when you least expect it.  So we asked married couples, especially brides, for advice on how to keep their inner monsters at bay on their big day.

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Wedding Day Regrets: 4 Things You Should Avoid

wedding day regrets

For many people, their wedding is one of the most highly-anticipated days of their lives. Couples spend so much—not just money—but time and energy to ensure that their big day unfolds like a fairytale.  But even though their weddings were a dream, many admit that there were some details that could’ve been better.  Some might dismiss these as minor. But for others, they have quite a number of wedding day regrets–and they’re speaking up so future brides and grooms can avoid them!

We asked real-life brides to spill their own wedding day regrets.  Take note and be sure to avoid these like the plague!

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10 Engagement Session Tips That Will Give You Better Results

Engagement Sessions are one of the most fun, exciting, tiring and sometimes stressful things couples will experience in their lives.

When we featured Emman & Myla’s Bedazzling Bolinao engagement session a while back, it seems the couple gained a lot of from that experience as they had a lot to say in terms of the tips they have for others planning for their own prenup session. This is also why we have this separate post just to share their insights. Hope you enjoy and find their rundown useful too!

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How To Maximize Wedding Fairs In A Day

wedding fairs

Wedding fairs are such a big help for soon-to-weds as they go about preparing details and hunting for suppliers.

What could be better than having a variety of wedding suppliers all under one roof?

While this is just amazing, it can be quite overwhelming too, believe me. Imagine going to a place where there are at least a hundred wedding suppliers to check out. But then, despite the fact that wedding fairs normally last 2-3 days, it’s likely that a couple would get to attend only a day of the fair due to busy schedules. Combing through hundreds of suppliers in one day with the self-imposed pressure of finding the perfect ones is not necessarily a walk in the park.

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4 Reasons To Check Out Joe San Antonio’s Bridal Collection

Bridal Collection, Joe San Antonio

Artistic style with the use of exaggerated motion, yet with clear details, to produce tension, drama, grandeur and exuberance aptly describes what Joe San Antonio’s latest Bridal Collection is about.

For most brides, one’s wedding day is that dream event where she can get to wear her dream gown and unapologetically be the center of attention. It’s a chance to be as simple or as dramatic as you want with your look on your special day.  For those who want to go a bit bold & dramatic yet sweet & romantic, there’s no need to look any further. Here’s a bridal collection from a very talented wedding couturier who not only creates beautiful gowns but is also known to easily make her clients feel at ease and surprise them with her customized designs.

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Choosing Your Preps Venue: 4 Important Things To Consider

preps venue

So you have your wedding ceremony & reception venue set, but have you thought about where you’ll be having your wedding preps done for your big day?

Your preps venue is the environment that will set you up on your big day. It’s a place where you must feel relaxed. And it’s where you can have your emotions & preparations a few hours before you say ‘I do’ captured & documented.  It’s an essential element to this special milestone in your life as you experience and cherish it on the day itself and when you look back on it through memories & photos.

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10 Awesome Reasons Why Marriage Is Like Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the hottest craze right now around the world.

After a few hours of the release of Pokemon Go, social media went haywire and all you see from your Facebook newsfeed is about kids and adults playing this crazy game. We, too, installed the app and saw how easy it was to play the game and how everything looked so real because of Augmented Reality technology.

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6 Valuable Reasons Why You Need Professional Wedding Planners

wedding planners

To some, getting a professional wedding planner for their big day might be a no-brainer.

It’s already at the top of their list to make sure everything goes smoothly during their special day.  To those, however, who are still weighing the pros & cons of spending for a professional wedding planner as opposed to arranging things on their own with the help of friends & relatives, this might help you decide.

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3 Important Things Brides Should Absolutely Carry


All brides dream of that perfect wedding day where all they have to do is show up, walk down the aisle, say ‘I do’, dance & laugh the whole night with nothing to worry about just enjoying each moment.

The reality is, there would be one or two things that are bound to ‘not happen as planned’. Most of the time, these are due to things brides themselves don’t have control over. When this happens, the right mindset is to really let go and let things flow on your big day. If you’ve done the necessary preparations and have set the right people in place to do what needs to be done for your wedding, don’t stress yourself any further. Somehow, the details have a way of falling into place. The only time to worry, really, is when either or both your groom and the officiator are nowhere to be found.

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