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An INSTAGRAM POD is like a group of CORE cheerleaders who AUTHENTICALLY ENGAGE with one another on Instagram through meaningful comments. Pods serve to benefit each member of the group through creating a system for RECURRING engagement. The members of a pod become an online family, working to support one another.

BEAT THE ALGORITHM: The members of the pod engage with the content of others in their pod AS SOON AS THE POST GOES LIVE in order to communicate to Instagram that a particular piece of content is generating engagement.

But wait...

ENGAGEMENT FOR ENGAGEMENT’S SAKE IS NOT THE POINT OF AN INSTAGRAM POD. Engage with intention and authenticity. Give more than you receive.

  • Will you get a boost of engagement through comments and likes each day? Yes!
  • Will it help you to overcome the algorithm and reach more of your followers? Absolutely!
  • Will you have a greater chance to land on the top grid for your hashtags? You betcha!

However, the real goal of building an Instagram pod is to cultivate relationships with other business professionals who are walking a similar path in life, encouraging and building up one another.

Excited to begin and can’t wait to follow along on your posts!

Here's What Some of the Suppliers Rave
about the Community

My posts immediately has more engagements!

Jill Felix
Jill Felix Makeup

Our followers and engagement increased not just in IG but on all platforms. We've gotten a number of inquiries too on Instagram (without any sponsored ads) which we never had before. It works!

Phoebe Rutaquio
Hello & Co Cinema

If you agree with the goals of the community and you want to join this awesome group of creative people like you inside THE POD, then sign up now...