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Raffle Contest: T-Shirt Giveaway For 7 Lucky Followers

Raffle Contest

The past months have been an exciting journey for us at The Top Knotters. It is a pleasure and honor to feature different prenup and wedding stories. Special thanks to the different wedding suppliers & couples who have shared their tips based on their expertise and own experiences. We hope only to inspire with the love stories shared by our couples and be of help to soon-to-weds for their wedding — and even marriage — preparations by sharing those tips that matter.

It makes our heart swell with joy to know that we have been of help to different couples as they choose their suppliers & prepare for their big day. It’s great to know too that not only soon-to-weds enjoy reading our content.

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Wedding Bouquet Inspirations That Will Make You Giddy

wedding bouquet

Hand-tied, nosegay, flower spray, cascading, Biedermeier, and pomander are just some of the popular bridal bouquet styles our artisan florists have come up with to manifest the love and happiness of soon-to-wed couples.

Now, why do we even bother styling or arranging the flowers? It’s aesthetic, yes. But then, is that all there is to it? So what if the Rose is beside a cluster of Baby’s Breath then surrounded with leaves, yada yada yada?

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What’s Your Favorite Wedding Ring Shot?

ring shot, wedding ring

If you’re into weddings, you’ve probably browsed a lot of inspiration blog sites and have seen different styles on how to shoot wedding rings: from a traditional way, contemporary or even rebellious. However it was done, weddings remain the same: they’re BEAUTIFUL.

They say you should pick your photographer that best resonates your personality. And we totally agree with that! Are you the romantic one, the quirky type or adventurous? Who could show your personality better than the photographer you hired for your wedding? Right?
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Should Clients Feed Their Wedding Suppliers?

Wedding Reception, Supplier Meals, Feed Wedding Suppliers

Every time a newly engaged couple starts to plan for their wedding, these questions are always asked:

“How many guests are we inviting?”

“Do we also have to feed our wedding suppliers?”

So we want to hear from both sides on what they have to say. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section

Should Clients feed their Wedding Suppliers?

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Which Ceremony Venue Would You Choose: Beach, Garden or Church?

ceremony venue

These are the typical wedding ceremony venue preferences. Wouldn’t it be nice to know, which of these is really preferred by most?

If you were to vote, where would you want your dream wedding to be?

These are the typical wedding venue preferences. Wouldn't it be nice to know, which of these is really preferred by most? If you were to vote, where would you want your dream wedding to be?