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  • We know your marketing needs and struggles as suppliers because we were once suppliers too
  • We designed a platform optimized to act as an effective sales page for any kind of wedding supplier
  • We offer a unique and personalized directory listing that's sure to translate to actual sales by combining testimonials and featured editorials with the supplier's portfolio


Then you know #thestruggleisreal when it comes to balancing work schedules with marketing and planning for the business.

You wake up, prepare for the wedding, and give 101% all day. But when you get home late and tired from work, you still need to  prepare for tomorrow's event.  And let's not forget, you still have your #familyduties too. You're grateful for the work but, by the end of the week, you have so much backlog. Chances are, you barely have enough time and energy to think about how to promote your work. So you post randomly, when you find a moment to breathe and take a selfie or blog about the day's events. You hope a future client will see it and will look past your less-than-stellar social media game to see your excellent work history.

Does this sound familiar? Prospective clients check your page, hoping to see new updates, while recently-wed clients pray to the social media gods that their photos would get featured in popular wedding pages. Don't you wish you could clone yourself to do all these?

Here's another scenario: You're a well-known brand, competing with a sea of talented newcomers who are also more social media-savvy. But the only marketing you know is limited to joining bridal fairs and having your logo published in a wedding magazine.  You've finally realized the value of social media marketing today, but you feel that your only option is getting a 100x100 advertising banner that costs you an arm and leg.  

“At the end of the day, you just hope to find a solution to your marketing problem that is uncomplicated and can give you more value for your money: a worthwhile investment.”

That's why we designed The Top Knotters' storefront: with you and your clients in mind. Our goal is to lead your target market closer to you, and you to them.

The Top Knotters brings together your brand name and portfolio with your featured works and powerful client testimonials--all in one beautifully-designed storefront.  

What do you get as our partner?

Happy Couples

Couples love seeing their weddings featured on blogs. The Top Knotters ups the VIP treatment by including their stories as well as their own tips for soon-to-weds.

Your Own Storefront

Instead of just an ad banner, we're giving more value for your money by you with your own storefront that has been optimized to act as an effective sales page for marketing your business.

Social Proof

Apart from getting your works featured, a stamp of approval in itself, we showcase your best client testimonials on your storefront. Nothing beats word of mouth at getting more clients so let them do the marketing for you!


A big help to suppliers, especially for those just starting out like us...

They’ve been a big help to suppliers, especially for those just starting out like us because we’re able to somehow allow ourselves to be recognized in the industry. Right after we were featured, we received several inquiries thru our FB page and were even able to book one couple from those inquiries soon after. Thank you, The Top Knotters!

Lex Alinsod Project LxD / Photographer

We offer wedding suppliers
exposure, directory listing, portfolio and reviews from real clients.

"Let your clients do the marketing for you."

Soon-to-wed couples love looking at and reading stories of real-life brides and grooms: from how they fell in love all the way to how they conquered their wedding day jitters for a truly meaningful celebration. Many join forums and Google countless pages before making a decision about themes and styles but most especially when it comes to choosing their suppliers. It’s no surprise since it’s a day the couple have been saving up for. Sadly we’ve also heard of horror stories about scammers posing as suppliers.

This is where The Top Knotters—a one-stop shop for soon-to-weds—comes in. It not only provides insightful and meaningful advice for the big day (and beyond), but also offers a safe marketplace for soon-to-weds to browse through legitimate wedding suppliers. Featured works coupled with actual client testimonials—all readily available to them with just one click—help validate each vendor’s reliability and craftsmanship.

Suppliers also largely benefit from The Top Knotters. Not only does it offer vendor listing, but The Top Knotters provides an established venue for suppliers to showcase their best work and gain exposure among potential clients. It’s quite a challenge to do these on your own website on a regular basis—marketing, advertising, promoting on social media and the like—but with a respected website doing it for you, you can put more of your energies into churning out your best work so far. (Trust us, we’d love to feature it.)

The Top Knotters marketplace is a platform that simplifies the workflow and addresses many of the marketing, promotions, and sales concerns of each supplier. With a storefront, we can help you let your own clients do the marketing for you.

What The Top Knotters Does for You:

More value for money 

"With your own optimized sales page!"

Don’t be just another name in a sea of wedding suppliers! Get your own storefront with The Top Knotters, not just a generic ad banner. Your page is designed to showcase your best work and testimonials, which is sure to convince more client bookings.

A platform for exposure and directory listing

In a user-friendly marketplace that will help soon-to-weds find you!

Our clean and responsive layout makes it a cinch for soon-to-weds to find the supplier they need—which could just be you! The Top Knotters also offers features spots to its Premium Supplier Partners.

Hassle-free marketing

Featuring your work in our professional editorials

Let The Top Knotters take care of your content. After submitting your photos and answering a few questions, we’ll come up with a share-worthy editorial that you can display on your storefront like a badge of honor. The more press you have, the more opportunities you also have to impress couples with your work.

Increased virability 

With beautifully designed client testimonials of your company 

Positive word-of-mouth is still the best way to sell a product. Our services make it easy for you to showcase your best client reviews on your storefront, thereby cementing your status as truly one of “The Top Knotters” in the wedding industry.


every bride's and every wedding supplier's dream media stop...

It's every bride's and every wedding supplier's dream media stop. I think the responsible and unbiased content also attracts more and more people to it. It allowed the readership to grow and in turn created awareness that led to them visiting our sites.

Oly Ruiz Metrophoto/Owner and Chief Photographer

Which storefront is for you?

The purpose of this section is to make the product you're offering as tangible as possible:




  • Logo
  • Contact Information
  • Website Link
  • Top Knotters Picks Feature
  • Reviews Request Tool
  • 1 Display Review

No credit card required.


Pricing & Availability Varies


  • Logo
  • Contact Information
  • Website Link
  • "Top Knotters Picks" Special Feature
  • Gallery
  • Reviews Request
  • 6 Displayed Reviews
  • Personal Photo & Bio
  • Feature Favorite Reviews First
  • Personal Strategy Specialist
  • Calls To Action

No credit card required.

"Show Me Exactly What I'll Get & I'll Be More Likely to Buy It."

Use an image to visualize your product. Even if it's completely digital, the more you can relate your product to real world objects (books, electronic devices etc.) the more tangible it will seem.

Want more sales without breaking a sweat? Sign up for your own storefront on The Top Knotters today!

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Showcase your company and profile to all soon-to-weds. Have all your social proof in one page displayed beautifully for everyone to see. Display  all Top Knotter Picks featured works on your storefront. 

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Why You Should Sign Up Now? 
Everybody knows that 

"If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade."  - Tom Peters

It's a new platform with new features. It's the first in the Philippine Wedding Industry. Who doesn't want to be the pioneer? There are many benefits on being the first and in terms of sales, everybody knows that the first one always gets the big share. 

Signing up just takes a minute of your time. On a worst case scenario, you spend no money  but you're enlisted on our directory and soon-to-weds will still see you. When you partner with us, we will help you and strategize with you to come up with an effective sales page. If you're worried about the cost, let me remind you that not taking action will also cost you more especially if you already see the value in our service. 

“The longer you’re not taking action the more money you’re losing.” - Carrie Wilkerson

We've already shared with you the benefits of partnering with us.  Let me share with you the drawbacks of not signing up with us: you're left out on your own to market your business, you try and find a way to attract your target clients on your own, and you resort to more expensive platforms which doesn't offer our solutions.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Your very own Storefront
  • Client testimonials
  • Hassle-free marketing
  • Online exposure to our readers
  • Access to Mailing List for promo

All these for:


  • Just sign up your name, email and contact number
  • We will send you an email with procedures

Get Instant Access to The Top Knotters Storefront

Showcase your company and profile to all soon-to-weds. Have all your social proof in one page displayed beautifully for everyone to see. Display all Top Knotter Picks featured works on your storefront.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do you allow refunds if I don't get clients?

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How long would it take before my storefront goes up?

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