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Naturally in Love: Ace and Love’s Prenup Session

Nothing feels more natural than being content and happy, surrounded by the people you love. Ace and Love, who chose the Greenery in Bulacan for their Naturally in Love prenup session, wanted their shoot to be a testament to new beginnings, as well as reconnections.

“We chose this venue because it is very close by and we love the scenery. Greenery signifies new beginnings and reconnecting to what is important in our lives.  It also means getting rid of the unnecessary.”

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Timeless and Passionate Prenup in Anawangin

timeless and passionate, icebox imaging, yvonne camay

Going for that timeless and passionate feel for this prenup session, Arbie and Kim chose a place away from the rapid pace of the city. With nature as their backdrop and no props in sight, the couple was a definite standout, contrasting (in a good way) with their almost rustic background.

Timeless and passionate was what Arbie and Kim were aiming for.  And Anawangin, with its raw beauty, was the perfect match for the couple’s strong and intense personalities.

“We chose Anawangin because it’s not the typical prenup location and we love the ambiance, the nature, the rock formation, and the lake. You can find it all there. We both love the beach and wanted something different, unusual, and of course, a theme that suits our personality.”

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Thunderbird Prenup: A Mediterranean Escape

Thunderbird Prenup, Dreamcatchers Photocinema

One doesn’t have to look too far to find that Mediterranean Escape, just take a look at this Thunderbird Prenup.

The resort’s Greece inspired design made it ideal for their Mediterranean themed prenup. They were able to shoot in different areas of the resort where they were able to get a range of romantic, dramatic shots — from casual romantic to formal dramatic. All the different locations were perfect for each set. There’s the casual romantic set against greens, the vintage beachside picnic set, an elegant outdoor formal and the fiery dramatic formal set. Don’t you just love the long billowing gown against the resort’s white Grecian facade, on the rocky seaside and amidst the remnants of the dried palm trees?

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