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Trim Your Wedding Budget! 5 Unique Ways How

Trim Your Wedding Budget

During the exclusive #TopKnottersChat last Wednesday, wedding planner extraordinaire Summer Reyes Carullo of VRC Creative gave our Twitter followers professional (and free!) crucial money-related advice.  If you missed it, let us clue you in on how to best trim your wedding budget!

If money grew on trees, we might do a Cristalle and hire a party boat to shuttle our guests across Lake Como too.  But because spending millions to get hitched remains a fantasy for us, we’ll have to work, work, work within a realistic budget to make our dream wedding come true.  It’s not as bad as you think—when you know where to start cutting.  Here’s our breakdown of all the crazy creative things you can do to trim your wedding budget, brought to you by the #TopKnottersChat (Stay tuned for more!).

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What’s Your Favorite Wedding Ring Shot?

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If you’re into weddings, you’ve probably browsed a lot of inspiration blog sites and have seen different styles on how to shoot wedding rings: from a traditional way, contemporary or even rebellious. However it was done, weddings remain the same: they’re BEAUTIFUL.

They say you should pick your photographer that best resonates your personality. And we totally agree with that! Are you the romantic one, the quirky type or adventurous? Who could show your personality better than the photographer you hired for your wedding? Right?
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