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Wedding Day Regrets: 4 Things You Should Avoid

wedding day regrets

For many people, their wedding is one of the most highly-anticipated days of their lives. Couples spend so much—not just money—but time and energy to ensure that their big day unfolds like a fairytale.  But even though their weddings were a dream, many admit that there were some details that could’ve been better.  Some might dismiss these as minor. But for others, they have quite a number of wedding day regrets–and they’re speaking up so future brides and grooms can avoid them!

We asked real-life brides to spill their own wedding day regrets.  Take note and be sure to avoid these like the plague!

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Choosing Your Preps Venue: 4 Important Things To Consider

preps venue

So you have your wedding ceremony & reception venue set, but have you thought about where you’ll be having your wedding preps done for your big day?

Your preps venue is the environment that will set you up on your big day. It’s a place where you must feel relaxed. And it’s where you can have your emotions & preparations a few hours before you say ‘I do’ captured & documented.  It’s an essential element to this special milestone in your life as you experience and cherish it on the day itself and when you look back on it through memories & photos.

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Top Knotters Community: Support Group For The Engaged

How many people does it take to put together a dream wedding? An entire community!

Once he puts a ring on it, the couple enters into the process of adopting each other’s families. But during the wedding preparations, an extended family also comes calling.  There are your best girls who help you do the RSVPs, your groomsmen who force you to lose the dad-bod for the beach honeymoon, your officemates who give recommendations from their own weddings, and your trusted suppliers—those top knotters—whom you’ve spent hundreds of hours stalking on Facebook just to book.

Achieving that dream wedding usually comes with a bucket of blood, sweat, and tears.  But the Top Knotters Community seeks to be a support group for couples to help ensure smooth sailing as they prepare, not just for the wedding, but also for married life.   Continue Reading →