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Bridal Makeup Battle: 5 Professional MUAs Compare Airbrush and Traditional Makeup

bridal makeup

To be or not to be? To airbrush or not to airbrush? These are just some of the questions playwrights and brides have been asking themselves for eons. Let these five in-demand makeup artists guide you towards the light!

There are millions of pages and threads devoted to discussing bridal makeup. If you’re not careful, you could get sucked into a time vortex just reading one article after another. But since time is gold and we have limited supplies of both, we thought you’d like to hear from some of the country’s most sought-after makeup artists and get the answer once and for all. Airbrush or traditional? It’s not as easy as you would think. Read on for precious insights, straight from our Top Knotters! Continue Reading →

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Trendy Travelers:Tinipak River Prenup

Tinipak River Prenup, CamZar Photography

Travel lovers, Angelo & Kaye, hiked off to the mountains of Tanay for their outdoor Tinipak River Prenup.

They wanted an engagement session, which captures them surrounded by nature. Tinipak Rivers was the perfect place or them with its mountains, trees, rivers & rock formation.

“The time we saw a review of the Tinipak River, we already fell in love with it—a not so known place yet definitely a complete package for all that we are looking for!”

And Angelo & Kaye seems to have made the most of their trip having five layouts – yes, five! – for their prenup session. They had a range of tough and dainty and formal and whimsical for their themes. Now, having these much layouts with props & details for a destination shoot can only be pulled off smoothly with the help of a stylist. Sure enough, Angelo & Kaye so rightly tapped their stylist, The Wanderlust Production, headed by Kel Sampayan who assisted them with “a very good production set that added life to the photos”, which we can see with the different outfits for each layout and their colorful boho picnic set up.

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