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Marc & Danica’s Renewal of Vows: Pusong Pingris at 10

Renewal of Vows, Wedding Renewal, Marc Pingris & Danica Sotto, threelogy, mayad studios

When is the right time to have your renewal of vows? Is it on your 5th, 10th, 25th  or 50th year of marriage? Maybe it’s not a matter of how long you’ve been married. Maybe deciding when to have your renewal of vows is much like how a couple would know when it’s time to finally tie the knot.

We love how Marc & Danica decided to celebrate their 10th year together with a renewal of vows. We love it even more that it was beautifully captured and shared with us by Mayad Studios & Threelogy.

Theirs was an intimate yet elegant celebration in Antonio’s Tagaytay. It’s a wonderful testament on how a union can only be better & stronger with God at the center of it. Ten years together and with two kids, it’s heartwarming to watch how Marc & Danica still got teary eyed saying their vows to each other, as if for the first time. Surely, those tears are loaded with a different kind of love, a love that was tested, strengthened and refreshed but all the same, blessed.

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Wedding Bloopers: Dove Nests on Videographer

Weddings, Wedding Bloopers

Weddings are just full of surprises. There are those moments that are truly remarkable and not to be missed: The Wedding Bloopers. They’re funny. They’re cute. And they make your weddings really memorable.

Most of the time, watching wedding videos can make us cry. A lot of times, they make us feel warm and wanting to get married all over again. This time around, we want everyone to have a good time and watch videos sent by videographers and couples.

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