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Turquoise Themed Wedding With A Touch of Tangerine

Turquoise themed wedding, don tapan photography,

Here’s a lovely Turquoise themed wedding of a couple whose love story was borne out of an office romance.

There’s also a cute back story to their first meeting, which seems to be a prelude to Krystel carrying the keys to Ryan’s heart. At that time, it was an ID badge that helped Ryan have access to get around their office building.

“It all started in year 2010. We were both new to the company, I started January of 2010, while Ryan started May of the same year. We were both IT engineers, Desktop Support Engineer back then, and part of our daily task was to handle end user requests, like software installation, computer login issue, etc. I was assigned to accompany him since his ID badge was not yet activated and he needs to transfer to a different floor. As I needed to do my daily tasks and perform floor to floor support, I had to leave Ryan first since he also has a different task assigned by our team lead, which was located at 6th floor. By lunch time, I was still occupied by the end users’ requests and totally forgot about Ryan being left alone at 6th floor (haha!). Our team lead already called him at his mobile phone however, he cannot leave 6th floor since I haven’t returned to fetch him. Then our team lead finally called me, reminded me that I should fetch Ryan. That’s the time that I remembered that I left him there. When we went back to our workstation, we are all laughing about what happened.” 

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The Walking Dead Prenup Video: Oliver & Mitch

Here’s a different but quite timely prenup theme what with the new season of The Walking Dead having aired this week and All Souls’ Day just around the corner.

Normally, prenup sessions are a chance to glam up and have sweet, romantic photos and/or videos taken. Some couples, however, don’t mind adding a bit of gore and fright in their prenup session for a different kind of twist.

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Trendy Travelers:Tinipak River Prenup

Tinipak River Prenup, CamZar Photography

Travel lovers, Angelo & Kaye, hiked off to the mountains of Tanay for their outdoor Tinipak River Prenup.

They wanted an engagement session, which captures them surrounded by nature. Tinipak Rivers was the perfect place or them with its mountains, trees, rivers & rock formation.

“The time we saw a review of the Tinipak River, we already fell in love with it—a not so known place yet definitely a complete package for all that we are looking for!”

And Angelo & Kaye seems to have made the most of their trip having five layouts – yes, five! – for their prenup session. They had a range of tough and dainty and formal and whimsical for their themes. Now, having these much layouts with props & details for a destination shoot can only be pulled off smoothly with the help of a stylist. Sure enough, Angelo & Kaye so rightly tapped their stylist, The Wanderlust Production, headed by Kel Sampayan who assisted them with “a very good production set that added life to the photos”, which we can see with the different outfits for each layout and their colorful boho picnic set up.

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Pre-Wedding Film with SDE: Mickey & Shane

pre-wedding film, the rewind media, sde

Admit it, your love story must be one of your happiest thoughts in the world! So, why not have it immortalized through a pre-wedding film?

Well, that’s exactly what Mickey & Shane did.

When it comes to pre-wedding mementos, pre-nup photos & videos would usually have styled thematic set ups. They would usually use themes, places and scenarios that have some significance for the couple. For some it’s a chance to either dress up differently or capture a representation of what their relationship is like. It’s not often, though, that couples are able to share their love story, narrated through their very own wedding film. In fact, this is the first time I’ve actually encountered a wedding video such as this.

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