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Selfless Wedding: Why Watching This Video Will Bring You To Tears

filterpan, selfless wedding

Both full of God’s love, they chose to celebrate the most important day of their lives by inviting strangers to their “selfless wedding”.

We’ve seen how weddings change people; especially the two people proclaiming their love for each other through tying the knot and sealing their two bodies into one.

We’ve seen the magic, the miracle of how the ceremony, the vows, the intimacy, and the covenant transform the couple standing in front of everyone…

But this specific wedding took my breath away for it transformed not just the lives of the bride and groom but the lives of every single person who attended their big day.

Other couples choose to make their special day unique through innovative ideas for pre-nuptials, SDEs or sizing up the preparation, the venues, the dresses, bouquets and catering service. But these two lovebirds had a different idea of a ‘special day,’ it wasn’t just their special day, they decided to share it with so many people.
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