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Countryside Romance Prenup: Miko and Lea

countryside romance prenup

Miko and Lea’s nostalgic countryside romance prenup is a wonderful contrast to how their less-than-traditional love story began. Read on for juicy details and hot photos!

There are a lot of options for engagement session themes, especially when you’re willing to get out of the busy city. Whether you’re wanderlusts, adventurers, or a couple of foodies, the choices are endless. For Miko and Lea, their countryside romance prenup session was something they just had to do when they saw the El Kabayo Stables in Subic.

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A Lovely & Carefree Engagement Session at Anawangin: Bryant & Jaja

To some couples, traveling together is one of the main ingredients that characterize their relationship, to others it is more of a special way to spice it up. For whatever kind of couple, having a carefree engagement session is a perfect excuse to go to a new destination for the first time together – and get awesome couple pics at that.

So that’s exactly what Bryant & Jaja did with for their own engagement session.

“Bryant and I love adventures! We like going around and seeing new places. So when we were thinking about where to shoot our prenup, he requested for any place where we both haven’t been to. Thus, we chose Anawangin. We wanted a relaxed and adventure-filled shoot with a little bit of everything: water, mountain and greens. We already knew that we’d be conscious in front of the cameras so we chose to do something fun where we can also be comfortable. It also represents our hope for more adventures together in the future!”

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Adventure of A Lifetime: An Osmena Peak Prenup

Life is an adventure! When you throw in the memories created from the journey you made as a couple, it becomes an adventure of a lifetime.

Take for example Jay and Framel, who find so much joy in travelling. They are both wanderlusts at heart, and together they boldly embark this journey towards perhaps one of the most important events in their lives. To cement this moment further in their memories, they wanted a memorable prenup session to mark the beginning of their married life together, which is truly an adventure of a lifetime and for a lifetime.

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Naturally in Love: Ace and Love’s Prenup Session

Nothing feels more natural than being content and happy, surrounded by the people you love. Ace and Love, who chose the Greenery in Bulacan for their Naturally in Love prenup session, wanted their shoot to be a testament to new beginnings, as well as reconnections.

“We chose this venue because it is very close by and we love the scenery. Greenery signifies new beginnings and reconnecting to what is important in our lives.  It also means getting rid of the unnecessary.”

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Ehra Madrigal’s Prenup: An Impromptu Fantasy in Venice

In case you haven’t seen them on Metrophoto’s blog, Tom and Ehra Madrigal’s prenup photos shot in Venice have just been made public and they are oh-so-glorious!

Blending sartorial glamour with that carefree je ne sais quoi, Tom and Ehra Madrigal’s prenup session spells pure fantasy—and you won’t believe the story that comes with it either.  To find out more about what happened behind the scenes, we had a chat with the future bride herself.  Here, she recounts with us how she and her fiancé met, as well as her Top Knotters experience while preparing for and shooting in Venice.  As a bonus for our readers, Ehra also shares with us her advice for couples when it comes to selecting their suppliers for the big day.  We guarantee they’re 100% practical, perfect even for non-celebrities like most of us!

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Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar: Bernard & Jane E-Session

One can’t argue how romantic Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar’s 18th-century Philippine theme can be. It’s  a perfect setting to capture the love between a couple in a way that is dramatic yet elegant.

What made this place the chosen backdrop for Bernard & Jane’s engagement session is how it fits their classic wedding theme. They discovered the place thanks to the recommendation of their photographer, Michael Galang of Icebox Imaging. Looking through the photos, you’ll how the couple will have some timeless pieces to cherish forever. I can find a few shots I’m sure they’d love to see hanging in their living room or bedroom wall.

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Kapurpurawan Rock Formation: Renel & Gellife E-Session

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is one of the treasures and most visited places in Ilocandia. It is known for its creamy white limestone formations, which were naturally formed by the weather forces, gravity and time.

Now that is also the reason why Renel & Gellife really wanted to have an engagement session in this place ever since they were just boyfriend-girlfriend. Ilocos also has a very rich history and has many tourist attractions. So after our lovely couple had this wonderful prenup session with Shianne Gomez of Shianne Gomez Photography, we wanted to know how their whole experience was.

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Calm Vibe: Capones-Anawangin Prenup

calm vibe, anawangin prenup, oak st studios

Maybe it’s the sweaters against the sea, and greens or the black & white hues, but there’s something about it which gives off a cool and calm vibe to  this particular island E-session.

Beach location prenups would normally be matched with colorful, bohemian or earth-toned island living themes. Micah & Auee’s Capones-Anawangin beach prenup, on the other hand, is a refreshingly cool take on such a warm summery place.

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