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Laid-back Prenup: Lazy Sundays at Eastwood and BGC

laid-back prenup, colove studios

Glam isn’t the only way to go when planning for your prenup. If you’re more relaxed than glitzy, opt for a laid-back prenup instead. This lazy Sunday-inspired shoot at Eastwood City and The Fort just makes us want to curl up and stay at home all day.

There is a reason why lazy Sundays exist. Because our lives are constantly bombarded with work and other priorities, we deserve a day to rest and to do the things we love. That was our couple’s inspiration for their laid-back prenup.  Joseph and Dianne are a couple of homebodies who wanted something simple and relaxed, like them. A Sunday free from all hustle and bustle, no crowd in sight, complete with fair weather.

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Unplugged Weddings Made Easy with Instagram

Unplugged Weddings

Imagine this: You are the groom, standing at the altar, excitedly anticipating that first look you will get of your bride in her top secret wedding gown.  You can hardly wait!  Then the double doors of the church open and you hold your breath for that first look at your future.

But instead of seeing her angelic face, your vision is obscured by a hundred phones, cameras, and tablets.  You have to tiptoe and constantly crane your neck just to see your future wife’s forehead.  In fact, you don’t see her until she’s finally beside you. (And the same crowd blocks your official photographer too).

Now imagine this: You waiting at the altar and your bride stepping inside the church.  You see clearly even from afar that she is glowing, and you know that she is the most beautiful girl in the world and you feel like the luckiest man alive.

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