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An Epic Iceland Postnup Session: Francis & Margaux

Iceland Postnup, Metrophoto

Iceland wasn’t at the top of Francis & Margaux’s list of choices for their destination postnup location. It wasn’t even second! But looking through their amazing photos by the Metrophoto team, you’ll see how everything just turned out for the best.

“We’ve always talked to Oly about places on where we want to have our postnup shoot on the premise that it has to be epic. There was actually a place we’ve initially agreed on, but upon research, photoshoots aren’t allowed there pala. So we went through our bucket list again and decided na Croatia was a really beautiful but very underrated country so parang somehow very intriguing choice sya. Then as we were planning the trip, naisip na rin namin na since we’re going to travel that far na rin naman, why not include Iceland na rin to add to the ‘epicness’ of the shoot. Montenegro naman was recommended by a good friend of ours so sinama na rin namin since it’s just a two hour drive from Dubrovnik lang.”

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A Grand Travel Themed Twins Debut Celebration You Will Surely Love

Twins Debut, Metrophoto

We’re happy to announce that we have a new section up on our website and we’re launching it with this grand Twins Debut.

While The Top Knotters mainly features wedding related events, we’ve thought of adding a section on another milestone in one’s life that we can pretty much say are prepared for and celebrated in a way that’s ‘Just Like Weddings’. And that is ‘Debuts’.

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