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Benguet Prenup: An Earthy & Chic E-Session

Benguet Prenup, Mayad Studios

A hike up the mountains doesn’t seem to be such a bad idea if it means getting such awe-inspiring photos like these from Ton & Trizia’s Benguet prenup.

Fortunately for Ton & Trizia, the photography studio they tapped, Mayad Studios, gave awesome  recommendations for their  prenup theme and location.

“The theme and concept were recommended by Mayad’s creative director, Kharu. Photographer, Bill suggested we do the shoot in Benguet where had to climb mountains. (It) turned out to be one of the best experiences during the shoot!”

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Marc & Danica’s Renewal of Vows: Pusong Pingris at 10

Renewal of Vows, Wedding Renewal, Marc Pingris & Danica Sotto, threelogy, mayad studios

When is the right time to have your renewal of vows? Is it on your 5th, 10th, 25th  or 50th year of marriage? Maybe it’s not a matter of how long you’ve been married. Maybe deciding when to have your renewal of vows is much like how a couple would know when it’s time to finally tie the knot.

We love how Marc & Danica decided to celebrate their 10th year together with a renewal of vows. We love it even more that it was beautifully captured and shared with us by Mayad Studios & Threelogy.

Theirs was an intimate yet elegant celebration in Antonio’s Tagaytay. It’s a wonderful testament on how a union can only be better & stronger with God at the center of it. Ten years together and with two kids, it’s heartwarming to watch how Marc & Danica still got teary eyed saying their vows to each other, as if for the first time. Surely, those tears are loaded with a different kind of love, a love that was tested, strengthened and refreshed but all the same, blessed.

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A Wedding In Bali: Karen & Fiel’s Wedding

wedding in bali, karen & fiel, mayad studios

A couple’s eleven-year relationship culminates with a beautiful wedding in Bali, marking a new chapter in their life to live and be as one.

Who would have thought that last minute prom dates would end up being together in an eleven-year relationship that would culminate in a beautiful wedding in Bali? Fiel & Karen’s story and the wedding is definitely one for the books.

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Romantic Bukidnon Wedding: Jerrold & Katrina

Romantic Bukidnon Wedding

You just won’t get enough of the awesome wonder and beauty of nature in this romantic Bukidnon wedding.

The hills and greens were a perfect backdrop to its rustic bohemian theme. Of course, what makes this wedding truly romantic is the love that can be seen flowing between Jerrold & Katrina as well as the joy and warmth emanating from their loved ones celebrating with them.

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