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Bridezilla, Begone!  6 Ways to Banish Wedding Stress

Everybody knows that the bride is always the most beautiful person in the room.

Maybe it’s the excitement of starting a new chapter of her life that brings an undeniable glow to her face.  But we also know that planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful—so much so that some blushing brides have been spotted transforming into a bridezilla instead!

The bridezilla is not an urban legend.  She is real and can sneak up on you when you least expect it.  So we asked married couples, especially brides, for advice on how to keep their inner monsters at bay on their big day.

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10 Awesome Reasons Why Marriage Is Like Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the hottest craze right now around the world.

After a few hours of the release of Pokemon Go, social media went haywire and all you see from your Facebook newsfeed is about kids and adults playing this crazy game. We, too, installed the app and saw how easy it was to play the game and how everything looked so real because of Augmented Reality technology.

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