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Wedding Fireworks: 4 Sparkly and Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Using wedding fireworks have direct impact on the environment and on our health!  Here are more eco-friendly ways to bring sparkle into your wedding.

We love firework displays for different reasons.  Some of us believe that having wedding fireworks will pave the way for a bountiful year ahead.  Others can’t help but wax romantic at the sight of rainbow-colored explosions against the dark of night.  But anybody who has ever plucked her eyebrows knows that beauty comes at a cost, and this cannot be truer than in the case of fireworks. 

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10 Good Reasons To Invest On Your Lights & Sounds Provider

sounds provider

Most soon-to-weds forego their lights and sounds provider.

“Oh, I don’t want pink or blue or violet hues in my reception, anyway.”

“Our venue already comes with speakers and microphones. They should be enough.”

“We have our musicians. They’ll cover all the songs and program parts we need.”

“We just have a simple program.”

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