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Timeless and Passionate Prenup in Anawangin

timeless and passionate, icebox imaging, yvonne camay

Going for that timeless and passionate feel for this prenup session, Arbie and Kim chose a place away from the rapid pace of the city. With nature as their backdrop and no props in sight, the couple was a definite standout, contrasting (in a good way) with their almost rustic background.

Timeless and passionate was what Arbie and Kim were aiming for.  And Anawangin, with its raw beauty, was the perfect match for the couple’s strong and intense personalities.

“We chose Anawangin because it’s not the typical prenup location and we love the ambiance, the nature, the rock formation, and the lake. You can find it all there. We both love the beach and wanted something different, unusual, and of course, a theme that suits our personality.”

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Simply Scintillating: Solaire Engagement Session

simply scintillating,solaire engagement session, icebox imaging

Typically, prenup sessions consist of around three set-ups or themes in one venue which is why prenups are usually done in vast locations like resorts, gardens or beaches. Romela & Deo, however, chose to have theirs within the confines of one room, that of Solaire Resort.

“We chose Solaire Resort and Casino as our venue because of its luxurious interior, and its floor-to-ceiling windows with a panoramic view of Manila Bay. We also took into consideration the comfort and convenience of having the shoot done in a hotel room, which meant we did not have to suffer under the heat and humidity outside. “

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Grand Central Station Postnup: Ron & Monica

grand central station

This NY postnup session is a good reminder for newlyweds and a good tip for soon-to-weds on how our wedding suppliers can eventually become our friends – if they aren’t yet.

Michael Galang of Icebox Imaging told his couple Ron & Monica that they were visiting New York and suggested that he shoot them for a postnup session.

“Ron & I were really glad he thought of it because it was a one of a kind experience. Our postnup session was really, really fun and memorable! Being with Mike (who was also one of our photographers before for our prenup & wedding), his wife Cherry and my best friend, Camille in NYC and Brooklyn made the 2-day shoot more fun! We really enjoyed it!”

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Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar: Bernard & Jane E-Session

One can’t argue how romantic Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar’s 18th-century Philippine theme can be. It’s  a perfect setting to capture the love between a couple in a way that is dramatic yet elegant.

What made this place the chosen backdrop for Bernard & Jane’s engagement session is how it fits their classic wedding theme. They discovered the place thanks to the recommendation of their photographer, Michael Galang of Icebox Imaging. Looking through the photos, you’ll how the couple will have some timeless pieces to cherish forever. I can find a few shots I’m sure they’d love to see hanging in their living room or bedroom wall.

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