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Vic & Pauleen’s Wedding: 5 Ways These Celebrities Are Just Like Us

Vic and Pauleen, metrophoto

Early this year, one of the most iconic entertainers in the country wed his beautiful long-time girlfriend.  You know them: Vic and Pauleen (surnames optional). 

And though very few of us will ever have to wade through paparazzi-like crowds on our own wedding days, this full video by Jason Magbanua helps us unfold quite a revelation: Celebrities are just like us normal mortals too!  Here’s all the proof you need.

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How The Entourage Should Behave On The Big Day

As photographers, we try our best to capture and produce the best possible images for our clients.  Though a lot of the rituals and routines may be the same, each wedding will always possess its own distinct flavour.


Photo by Ian Santillan Photography

Each one presents a unique kind of experience for us photographers, many times a new and different kind of challenge.  As part of it, meeting new and interesting “personalities” is something we look forward to every single wedding.

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