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Turquoise Themed Wedding With A Touch of Tangerine

Turquoise themed wedding, don tapan photography,

Here’s a lovely Turquoise themed wedding of a couple whose love story was borne out of an office romance.

There’s also a cute back story to their first meeting, which seems to be a prelude to Krystel carrying the keys to Ryan’s heart. At that time, it was an ID badge that helped Ryan have access to get around their office building.

“It all started in year 2010. We were both new to the company, I started January of 2010, while Ryan started May of the same year. We were both IT engineers, Desktop Support Engineer back then, and part of our daily task was to handle end user requests, like software installation, computer login issue, etc. I was assigned to accompany him since his ID badge was not yet activated and he needs to transfer to a different floor. As I needed to do my daily tasks and perform floor to floor support, I had to leave Ryan first since he also has a different task assigned by our team lead, which was located at 6th floor. By lunch time, I was still occupied by the end users’ requests and totally forgot about Ryan being left alone at 6th floor (haha!). Our team lead already called him at his mobile phone however, he cannot leave 6th floor since I haven’t returned to fetch him. Then our team lead finally called me, reminded me that I should fetch Ryan. That’s the time that I remembered that I left him there. When we went back to our workstation, we are all laughing about what happened.” 

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Mint and Peach Wedding at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Alabang

Kevin & Mheps met in school as members of a dance troupe. Almost a decade after, from friends to lovers, they are joined in marriage in a lovely & lively mint and peach wedding. With their vows, they’ve set on their way to dance to forever together.

In Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen wrote, “To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love”. Kevin & Mhep’s story is a testament to how there is some truth to this line.

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