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From Friendship And Love To Forever: Karen & Jayson’s Wedding

friendship and love, efjay de leon,

For Karen & Jayson whose journey together began with friendship and love, their wedding day was a long-awaited one.

From all the way back in college, theirs was a long engagement that withstood the test of time.

“Jayson and I started as college friends back in 2005. There was nothing really special during that time until we found ourselves in love with each other two years later [2007]. One of the things that we’re proud of is, our relationship was built with friendship. We took our time to get to know each other very well and didn’t rush things. And we believe, this is why our relationship has gotten stronger in the past 8 years.”

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Naturally in Love: Ace and Love’s Prenup Session

Nothing feels more natural than being content and happy, surrounded by the people you love. Ace and Love, who chose the Greenery in Bulacan for their Naturally in Love prenup session, wanted their shoot to be a testament to new beginnings, as well as reconnections.

“We chose this venue because it is very close by and we love the scenery. Greenery signifies new beginnings and reconnecting to what is important in our lives.  It also means getting rid of the unnecessary.”

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Oslob Prenup: A Bold & Dramatic Session

oslob prenup, metrophoto

We just can’t help but marvel at this Oslob prenup.

When you get the opportunity to do something pretty epic in your life with your loved one, like swim with whale sharks, might as well make sure to document it well. Having it as part of their prenup, Chex & Ed had more than just a well documented epic adventure. What they got was a well-crafted, dramatic and awe-inspiring Oslob prenup memento captured by Oly Ruiz with his team at Metrophoto.

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Tagaytay Woodlands: A Relaxed & Rustic Engagement Session

Tagaytay Woodlands, Ralph Lee Photography, Styled by Kiz

Sometimes, the hustle & bustle of wedding preparations leave little or no room for a couple to enjoy a vacation what with their busy schedules and all. Justin & Irelle found the perfect avenue for a break through their  Tagaytay Woodlands rustic, romantic & relaxed engagement session.

“Since both of us are very busy, planning our prenup seems like very good excuse to have a getaway. We want a location away from the metro hence we chose Tagaytay. In addition, our top priority in choosing our location is the weather. We don’t want to get stressed during the photoshoot under the scorching sun. Plus we love cold weather.”

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Marc & Danica’s Renewal of Vows: Pusong Pingris at 10

Renewal of Vows, Wedding Renewal, Marc Pingris & Danica Sotto, threelogy, mayad studios

When is the right time to have your renewal of vows? Is it on your 5th, 10th, 25th  or 50th year of marriage? Maybe it’s not a matter of how long you’ve been married. Maybe deciding when to have your renewal of vows is much like how a couple would know when it’s time to finally tie the knot.

We love how Marc & Danica decided to celebrate their 10th year together with a renewal of vows. We love it even more that it was beautifully captured and shared with us by Mayad Studios & Threelogy.

Theirs was an intimate yet elegant celebration in Antonio’s Tagaytay. It’s a wonderful testament on how a union can only be better & stronger with God at the center of it. Ten years together and with two kids, it’s heartwarming to watch how Marc & Danica still got teary eyed saying their vows to each other, as if for the first time. Surely, those tears are loaded with a different kind of love, a love that was tested, strengthened and refreshed but all the same, blessed.

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Timeless and Passionate Prenup in Anawangin

timeless and passionate, icebox imaging, yvonne camay

Going for that timeless and passionate feel for this prenup session, Arbie and Kim chose a place away from the rapid pace of the city. With nature as their backdrop and no props in sight, the couple was a definite standout, contrasting (in a good way) with their almost rustic background.

Timeless and passionate was what Arbie and Kim were aiming for.  And Anawangin, with its raw beauty, was the perfect match for the couple’s strong and intense personalities.

“We chose Anawangin because it’s not the typical prenup location and we love the ambiance, the nature, the rock formation, and the lake. You can find it all there. We both love the beach and wanted something different, unusual, and of course, a theme that suits our personality.”

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A Simply Romantic Elegant Prenup at Angelfields

Elegant Prenup, Liz Ranola

Sometimes, you don’t really need much to get romantic, elegant photos for your engagement session.  Take for instance, Aldo & Ann’s prenup session at Angelfields Nature Sanctuary.

They made use of beautiful things that were available to them. When you think about it, sometimes most of what you need, you have already. Even in having your prenup session. For us, Angelfields is a discovery. Despite being around for quite a while, we haven’t encountered this place yet in our other prenup stories. We’re finding it to be a lovely place with so much areas to have iconic shots for your prenup photo keepsake.  Fortunately for Aldo & Ann they found this sanctuary as a venue for their wedding reception which also served as a perfect backdrop for their romantic, elegant prenup.

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More Than Serendipity: Kristian & Leah’s Wedding

serendipity, mad glass studio

Those yearning for “the one” have a lot to learn from Kristian & Leah’s love story. To some, finally finding the “right one”  happens because of fate. To others, it’s  a wonderful case of serendipity. But Kristian & Leah’s story tells us, it’s more than that. Finding the love of your life is more than serendipity.

“We met at a boarding house when we were both working at Philippines Airlines. I was an airport ground staff and he’s a cabin crew but funny how in the long years that we were there, we never met at work.

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Rustic Romantic Prenup at Zambawood: Janjo & Mec

rustic romantic prenup, bernard aniversario, take 2 films, blushworks by geneva

Home is where the heart is. To Janjo & Mec, being in Zambawood for their rustic romantic prenup made them feel so at home.

“We chose that venue because it’s very close to home. And we felt that we wanted to show that in our prenup.”

One can see from these images that Janjo & Mec don’t only feel at home in Zambawood, but moreso with each other. It’s as if this couple camped out at a remote location, disconnecting from the hustle & bustle of work, so that they could focus on connecting more with each other.

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Romantic & Fun Prenup: Charlene & Mel

fun prenup, nicolai melicor photography

Mel & Charlene didn’t have to look much further to have the romantic & fun prenup session they wanted. Tagaytay’s cool weather and gorgeous greens make for a perfect setting to capture such a light & lovely mood.

“We only had a few days of vacation that time and wanted to do the prenup at a nearby place. We both live in Cavite. Hence, Tagaytay is the best bet for us.  Plus, we wanted a venue that has a vast garden and romantic ambience to it. We also wanted the venue to be somewhere cold (at least  colder compared in the city ) for everyone (esp our teams) to feel comfortable too. 

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