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A Proposal In Full Bloom: Atom & Carissa

Everybody loves Proposals! Right? Especially, when you see an actual Proposal in Full Bloom.

If you’ve been to weddings recently, you might have seen Atom host your friend’s wedding reception. He’s awesome, I tell you. But what’s more awesome is how he pulled off this proposal with the help of wedding supplier friends.

So we asked Atom and Carissa how it all happened.

The Backgrounder:

Having known each other since 2012, Atom & Carissa would usually see each other when they bump into each other while out in the clubs (Cuisine, Opus & Prive) with their friends. Being in the same social circle, they had quite a number of common friends – special mention to Cao, Danda or Audz who were possibly responsible for getting these two hearts to meet.

Fastforward to June 8, 2016, on the 1st anniversary as a couple Atom dropped the proverbial bomb. But how did things fall into place?

The Big Idea:

Setting the theme.

One of the things that stood out for Atom about Carissa is how she really really loves flowers. He noticed how taking photos of colorful flowers of various sizes always puts a smile on her face.

This gave him the idea that the best way to propose to her would be in the midst of a field of flowers. Planning started as early as January of this year. The search was on for the perfect setting with a beautiful field of flowers. This led him to go from Tagaytay, to Baguio and all the way to Atok, Benguet, but to no avail. Nothing matched what he was looking for.

If you can’t find it, build it.

Atom couldn’t find the right field of flowers to bring Carissa to, so he thought, why not create the field of flowers for her? Being a very significant place for them, he thought of The Peninsula’s as the perfect setting for her field of flowers. For Carissa, it was a where she loved spending 8 years of her work-life. For Atom, he’s always loved it there being the place where most of his favorite weddings were held, for its lobby and the warmth of the Pen team & staff. But more importantly, it was where they shared their first kiss!

13461331_10153659495191623_215865126_oThe Proposal Unfolds:

An extra special day.

It was a special day for Carissa & Atom being their 1st anniversary as a couple. It was the perfect time to get dressed and have dinner at The Pen. Little did Carissa know that it will actually be an extra special day. Not knowing where Atom will take her for dinner, she wore a simple black dress matched with the pink heels Atom gave her. Being a very hot day, she simply put her hair into a bun, which she later regretted. Thankfully, she had newly polished nails from the day before.

”One advice for girls is to always have polished nails. You’ll never know!” – Carissa

For Atom, it was big day. Something he kept in mind was his objective to really make the day extra special for Carissa. For guys thinking of hatching that proposal plan, Atom has this tip:

”Just one thing, regardless of how romantic or unromantic you are, the proposal is not for you. It’s for her. And since you’ll only be doing this once, might as well do it right. When you do it, surround her with things that she loves” – Atom

Atom and Carissa

Dining at Spices

The perfect diversion.

In this case, doing it right includes having the perfect diversion. Thanks to Wedding Coordinator, Chinkie Uy, they were able to make sure that Atom will easily be able to lead Carissa to The Pen’s upper lobby where the field of flowers will be waiting for them.

In character wearing her coordinator outfit — complete with belt bag — as if currently working on a wedding, Chinkie ‘accidentally’ bumped into Atom & Carissa. They exchanged pleasantries and Chinkie told them about her client’s ‘amazing set up’ at the upper lobby which she invited them to check out. It being their anniversary, the couple told Chinkie that they would do so after they have had their dinner.

Now, Carissa had no clue that all this time, Atom’s family, her family, and their friends were already cocktails upstairs while waiting for them to finish dinner.

The field of flowers.

After dinner, Atom nonchalantly asked Carissa if they should go and check out Chinkie’s wedding set up, to which she agreed. As expected, Carissa was awed by the sight of the flowers that welcomed upon reaching the upper lobby.

“When we were walking up the stairs going to The Conservatory, I immediately saw the flowers. First thing that came into mind was “wow! ganda nga ng set up ng wedding ni Chinkie!” Then I started looking for her and noticed that there weren’t so many people in the wedding. So I thought to myself, maybe it was used as a backdrop or a photo booth for the event… I wasn’t even able to take photos, I was afraid that the “guests” might not want “other people” to touch the beautiful set-up.” – Carissa


Because she loved flowers, He brought her a field of flowers

The perfect song.

With Carissa still clueless of what’s about to happen, 3rd Avenue and The Pen Strings started playing “Cheerleader” in the background. Aside from the significance of the song to the couple being a constant ‘background music’ when they started dating, Atom took note of the lyrics of the song which he found to be simply perfect for the occasion.

It was then that Atom took Carissa to the middle of the flower field to give his spiel of sweet nothings to set the mood until the bridge of the song which he sang with a bit of an adlib.

“Then Atom started to tell me sweet nothings. ‘I want this day to be very special, and everything that you see here is all for you.’ Little did I know, it really was all for me! I also didn’t notice that 3rd Ave was the one singing! I guess at that point, I was already starting to realize what was going on.” – Carissa

”You give me love and affection. Baby did I mention? You’re the only one for me. And I’ don’t need a next one. My mama loves you too. She thinks I made the right selection (I think your mama likes me too)” – Atom


After hearing the cue, Carissa’s mom shows up with tears of joy

Here, Atom’s mom and family come out and the adlib is the cue for Carissa’s mom and family to show themselves as well. Soon after, Carissa sees that their friends are there as well.

“When I saw 3rd Avenue singing “Cheerleader,” I was already wondering why they were there, why they weren’t dressed up (they would usually be dressed up in their gigs), and where the people in the wedding were. Then I saw Atom’s mom, sister, then my mom… at this point I think I wasn’t breathing anymore… I was just in awe. Next thing I knew, Atom was already on his knee, asking me to marry him! I started to feel dizzy. It’s not everyday you get proposed to, especially when it’s your best friend asking for your hand in marriage.” – Carissa

Popping the Question:

When you know, you know.

Atom knew that this was ‘it’ when he felt like he didn’t need to look any further. It was then that he got to understand the saying ‘When you know, you know’.

“Everything just feels right. No need for pretentions. We understand each other completely. We can tolerate each other’s craziness. We’re both etiquette-nazis. And most important of all, we can make each other laugh. And that did it for me. She’s just someone I can clearly see myself living with happily for the rest of my life.” – Atom


She said ‘Yes’

Behind the Scenes:

Atom’s personal proposal preps.

“I was there when Tita Nikki was still setting up. I saw the start but I didn’t get to see the finished product until that evening. It was beautiful. It was perfect. And while we were having dinner, I was able to calm myself down. I knew that my head had to be clear so I can execute the whole plan smoothly. My only worry was my spiel. There were too many important things to say to her before I actually got down on my knee. But I had to choose the most important ones and I wanted to deliver them as smoothly as possible. Funny thing was when I was actually delivering my lines, she kept butting in so it didn’t turn out as smoothly as planned nor as clearly. But I guess it was the imperfection that made the whole thing more natural.”

Carissa’s post-proposal high:

“I didn’t think that Atom’s proposal would turn out that way. Knowing that we have only been (officially) together for a year, I thought he would propose next year or so. I never thought he’d do it on our first year anniversary. And with A LOT of people! I also imagined that he would do it privately, maybe he’d have a couple of friends hiding to document it. But instead, he brought me a field of flowers and invited family and friends as witnesses. The feeling was overwhelming and I really felt all the love. I really wasn’t expecting to see all our loved ones in one place. The feeling was so surreal!”

proposal, pat dy

The Engagement Ring

The Accomplices:

These are the suppliers Atom chose to be his accomplices because he loves their style and their work. They were the ones he knew would be able to best execute his plan. Since he’s worked with a lot of different suppliers, he can say that they are some of his top favorites.

To him, what was essential was their skills and creativity. The fact that they also know and have become friends with Carissa made them the obvious choice for him. It’s important to him that the inputs they gave were based on the fact that they know what Carissa is like.

Though Dra. Nikki Chatto has not yet met Carissa prior to the proposal, she has been with Atom since the beginning, helping him look for the ‘field of flowers’ and as they changed plans for the set up. Her style is also one of his favorits because she fills up events with flowers which Atom has learned to appreciate, even as a guy.

For this, Atom expressed his utmost gratefulness for their help.

Coordinator: Chinkie Uy
Flowers: Dra. Nikki Chatto
Photo: Pat Dy
Video: Jason Magbanua
Musicians: Pen Strings and 3rd Ave.

Watch the whole proposal unfold before your eyes through the lens of Jason Magbanua. You’ll love it!

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  • Whew! You can’t easily top that off. Somehow, I think the proposal was the one that the couple will remember the most, much more than the wedding itself. 🙂 Congratulations to Atom and Issa. Awesome!


  • Karla Ramos

    Very lovely! The whole story down to the inspiration up to the planning and the very climax itself makes for a sweet read! I am pretty sure these two will go a long romantic way with how this turned out. I love it!

  • Carola

    Wauw that’so impressive! Where to start? Well, this is so creative and sweet. Very romantic and well thought. I loved the video as well. Everything is just perfect and looks wonderful. The video is really awesome. It’s great to see and made very well. It looks great (Both the proposal and the video itself).

  • So far so Sabine

    Wow this touches me. This is so special. Proposals are always fun and entertaining. So romantic to see two people love each other.

  • This was such a beautiful story and I am impress to find out how much effort and thought went into the proposal. I love how the photographer managed to sneak around and take incognito photos of the couple.

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