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  • We know your marketing needs and struggles as suppliers because we were once suppliers too
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  • You can save around 50% or more money and invest it on your other marketing needs.
  • Increase your marketing reach and expose your brand to your target market.
  • We offer a unique and personalized directory listing that's sure to translate to actual sales by combining testimonials and featured editorials with the supplier's portfolio

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    The one thing that blows all other local wedding blogs out of the water is the content. The writing [on The Top Knotters] is engaging and witting—you always finish an article learning something new. Also, coverage is equitable: big suppliers and newcomers get a fair stake.

    It's always nice to get a feature. Every hit going back to my site is always helpful.

    Jason Magbanua

    Supreme Overlord

    They’ve been a big help to suppliers, especially for those just starting out like us because we’re able to somehow allow ourselves to be recognized in the industry. Right after we were featured, we received several inquiries thru our FB page and were even able to book one couple from those inquiries soon after. Thank you, The Top Knotters!

    Lex Alinsod

    Project LxD

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