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What Clients Say About Us...

He finds unique ways of making a dull or a commonly photographed scene look amazing.

We were initially intimidated with Oly’s signature style because of how unconventional it looks and we were not used to pictorials. But come to think of it, why would we want our photos to look so ordinary that almost every wedding photographer can copy? Oly assures that every photo he takes is well thought of and executed flawlessly. He finds unique ways of making a dull or a commonly photographed scene look amazing.

The first time we met Oly was during our pre-wedding shoot and we instantly felt very comfortable with him. We felt like we already knew each other from a while back. His effort was immeasurable and his team was outstanding, sacrificing themselves under the scorching sun and even ran up and down the slopes just to get perfect shots. Oly gave clear instructions on how to pose, making sure that his subjects were not left clueless on what to do. We loved Oly so much that we always recommend him to everyone we know who, in turn, all have the same feedback about their one-of-a-kind Metrophoto experience. He has also now become our go-to family photographer.

Stephanie Ragos-Ty Bride

None of the other photographers we have worked with, can compare to Metrophoto and the quality of photos they produced

A wedding can definitely be overwhelming and as a bride, the whole day just passes by so quickly. This is true, for me at least. That is why it is important to get a good photographer to capture every single moment. Because the photos are the best kept memories of your special day. Metrophoto did an absolutely amazing job photographing our pre-wedding photos and our civil wedding ceremony in Manila. They definitely exceeded our expectations. We were first introduced to them because they did my brother’s wedding a year before, and my husband and I were blown away by their photos. I remember calling up Oly the next day and telling him that we wanted to do our pre-wedding photos with him and from the very beginning, Oly was fantastic, professional and extremely helpful with everything. He helped us brainstorm pre-wedding concepts and answered all our questions. He was so patient with us and no matter how busy he was, he always managed to find time to communicate with us. No words can describe how exceptional all the photos turned out, they are well thought of and shot perfectly. Oly and his team really did a very good job in capturing our special day in such a way no one else could have. My husband and I are very happy with all of the photos. My husband and I have worked with other wedding photographers as we had two wedding receptions, one in Manila and one in Hong Kong and up until this day, I have regretted my decision on not getting Metrophoto for my wedding reception in Hong Kong. None of the other photographers we have worked with, can compare to Metrophoto and the quality of photos they produced. I would without hesitation highly recommend Metrophoto to anyone, not just couples.

Andrea Kara Tan Bride

I wanted to have the best photographer for my wedding and I have no one in mind but Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto...

I’m a sucker for good pictures. After my fiance proposed to me, my top priority for our wedding was the photos. I wanted to have the best photographer for my wedding and I have no one in mind but Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto. I can still vividly remember our first conversation over the phone, he was so accommodating and friendly. And the first time we met, his innate ability to get along so well with people made us “click” instantly. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Oly from start to finish. We enjoyed every single crazy and happy moment with him during our prenup session in Cebu. He is the epitome of elegance and professionalism. Aside from him having a keen eye for great shots, he has this tendency to work and create something beyond his bride’s expectations. He will always want what is best for his clients, nothing less. Our prenup and wedding photos turned out so beautiful, that my husband and Iwould watch it every night before we go to sleep. We are grateful for having Oly as part of our wedding team. His incredible personality, as well as his great photos, made the entire wedding experience truly memorable for us!

Overall, Oly is an extremely talented photographer. I would have no hesitation in hiring him again, and would heartily recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer for their special day.

Chex De Leon-Gacrama Bride - January 8, 2017

About the Supplier

What started as a representation of Oly Ruiz' artistic sojourn, Metrophoto has evolved into one of the most admired and recognisable brands in the industry. As it marks it 10th year, it has infused the photojournalistic mastery of Dino Lara to its incomparable style to provide the most completely beautiful and exclusive wedding coverages. Metrophoto is everything.

(Oly Ruiz) The iconic Metroman, founder of Metrophoto whose guiding vision has helped breathe life into and immortalized the most beautiful weddings and prenuptial experiences the country has ever seen.

(Erron Ocampo) Erron’s laid-back aesthetic espouses a lifestyle in which stylishness is taken for granted as he continually pursues new ways to create inspirations.

(Dino Lara) Never content to rest on his laurels, Dino constantly pushes the limits of photo storytelling, weaving diverse threads of seemingly insignificant detail into a candid and true narrative of memory.

(Paolo Nierves) Paolo represents the triumph of M's infectiously creative nature coupled with perseverance and an openness to new perspectives and visions.

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