Harry and Meghan’s Wedding: 5 Hacks for A Royal Affair

 May 22, 2018

There’s no doubt about it: Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding was an affair to remember. If you’ve got the fiancee, we’ve got the hacks to help you recreate their royal affair for your own wedding. Read on!

When Prince William got married to Kate Middleton in 2011, the internet went rabid with posters that said, “Keep Calm. Harry’s Still Single.” We were definitely not calm as we watched the live telecast of Harry and Meghan’s wedding last night. In fact, our collective hearts were completely aflutter at the sight of our beloved prince finally getting married—to a woman who dared to give love another try. Sigh. Happy ever afters do exist. Tiwala lang!

We especially admired how, at Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding, it was evident that the royal couple put careful thought into their planning process. It wasn’t just a glitzy affair but truly a #WeddingWithHeart that oozed love and affection. If you’re planning your own happy ever after (whether with a specific guy in mind or just preparing for the hopefully-not-so-distant future), take your cue from Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding! And no, it won’t cost you 32 million pounds. In fact, we promise that some ideas might actually save you a buck or two!

Harry and Meghan’s Wedding : 4 Hacks for A Royal Affair

1. Go minimalist.

We have to talk about that dress. With the royal family’s bank account at her disposal, Meghan could’ve chosen an opulent number. Instead, she went very elegant with her silk gown with three quarter length sleeves and a bateau neckline. Mind you, it was custom-made Givenchy and had a five-meter train, but it still looked simple.

And while the chapel was elaborately adorned with beautiful fresh flowers for Harry and Meghan’s wedding, the bride actually sported a very simple bouquet. Many of the flowers were picked from the royal gardens, which is in keeping with the “picked-off-the-road” trend in floral arrangements. Definitely a more affordable (not to mention more eco-friendly) option.

The couple went with a humbler, naked cake adorned with fresh flowers. If you’re really looking to save, you could probably get your aunt to copy this look for you. No promises about the taste though (unless your aunt is Heny Sison).

Also at the reception, it was reported that bowl food would be served from food trucks. While this is probably in addition to a sit-down, serviced meal, you can recreate a more relaxed reception environment (and hopefully save a buck) by serving similar dishes that your guests will be sure to enjoy. Because who wouldn’t prefer bacon and sausage sandwiches over cream of asparagus soup? Let’s be honest here.

2. Be charitable.

We’re sure that you’ve read that, instead of asking for gifts, the royal couple requested for guests to make a donation to their favorite charities. But Harry and Meghan’s wedding is hardly the first charitable wedding we’ve heard of. Similarly, Prince William and Kate did the same when they tied the knot. Some of you might be thinking that of course they could afford to do that—they’re princes! It’s not something normal people paying rent can do.

But giving back and paying forward when you say your “I do’s” doesn’t have to be such a huge sacrifice. Although we really admire this couple’s decision to donate their entire wedding fund to help Syrian refugees, there are many doable ways by which your own wedding (and marriage) can be a blessing to others.

Consider donating money for wedding favors to a charity instead. One wedding we recently attended had the couple—both nurses—distribute lottery tickets as wedding favors. They did this to support the PCSO, which in turn supports charity patients at local hospitals. Read this for more ideas on how to give back on your wedding day.

3. Phone a friend (or a hundred)!

Contrary to popular belief, the wedding entourage isn’t just there to add to the pomp of the celebration—or to help you pay for your wedding. More importantly, they are there to support the couple in this long, arduous, sometimes dangerous journey aka married life. Because we all know that it actually takes a village to make a marriage work (aside from the couple and God of course). At Harry and Meghan’s wedding, the service order (or missalette) had these words printed  in the Pastoral Introduction:

You are witnesses of the marriage, and express your support by your presence and your prayers. Your support does not end today: the couple will value continued encouragement in the days and years ahead of them.

At one point in the ceremony, the Archbishop also addressed those present if they would support and uphold the couple in their marriage in the present and in the years to come. What a beautiful reminder to all of us of the reason we go to weddings in the first place! (And all along we thought it was for the buffet LOL.)

4. Guests who matter

The previous thought will come in handy when you’re editing your guest list too. Unlike Prince William who invited 1,900 guests to his wedding, only 600 guests were in attendance at Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Being only sixth in line to the throne, Harry didn’t have to invite foreign leaders for formality’s sake. So if you’re still asking if you should invite that distant uncle who can’t even get your name right, Harry’s got your answer.

On the other hand, you can still include your dear departed loved ones in your big day. From the engagement ring to the flowers to having one of the readings done by her sister, Princess Diana’s presence was intentionally included by the couple in their celebration. Read this next for more ideas on how to add memorials to your wedding.

On a somewhat related note, if you’re also having trouble choosing your entourage, you can take a cue from Meghan and do away with it altogether! Meghan reportedly didn’t want to have to choose among her adult friends, so she instead went with adorable bridesmaids and page boys. This is a pretty diplomatic way to go about it. Bonus points because your friends won’t have to pay for bridesmaid gowns which (let’s be honest) they won’t wear again.

5. Get Lit!

No, not that kind of lit.

While planning a gorgeous wedding can sometimes be all-consuming, this is our ultimate advice for a true #WeddingWithHeart. Prioritize the ceremony first. And we don’t just mean make the church beautiful and get an amazing choir. Rather, prioritize the liturgy.

One of the noticeable things about Harry and Meghan’s wedding was the fact that their service was so carefully considered. The reading from the Song of Solomon resounds in our heart particularly as we think of #TheRightTime.

My beloved speaks and says to me: ‘Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away; for now the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtle-dove is heard in our land.

It was also evident in the way they combined their respective religious traditions, the choice of readings—even the vows. We were bawling by the time Harry placed the ring on Meghan’s finger:

“With my body I honour you, all that I am I give to you, and all that I have I share with you, within the love of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

Each word, chosen and uttered intentionally has so much meaning, especially on this day when man and woman come before God and their family and friends. So choose yours wisely!

There you have it: our four absolutely doable hacks to recreating your own royal affair in the vein of Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding! More than their clever #TipidTips, we hope that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex inspired you to keep believing in the power of love and the possibility of second chances. Now excuse the us as we sign up for yet another speed dating event.

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