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Bridal Makeup Battle: 5 Professional MUAs Compare Airbrush and Traditional Makeup

 March 22, 2017

To be or not to be? To airbrush or not to airbrush? These are just some of the questions playwrights and brides have been asking themselves for eons. Let these five in-demand makeup artists guide you towards the light!

There are millions of pages and threads devoted to discussing bridal makeup. If you’re not careful, you could get sucked into a time vortex just reading one article after another. But since time is gold and we have limited supplies of both, we thought you’d like to hear from some of the country’s most sought-after makeup artists and get the answer once and for all. Airbrush or traditional? It’s not as easy as you would think. Read on for precious insights, straight from our Top Knotters!

Bridal Makeup Battle: Airbrush vs. Traditional

The Case for Airbrush Makeup

At The Top Knotters, we’d never recommend for you to go with the trend if it weren’t suited to you. So even though airbrush for bridal makeup is hot, it’s not something we’d instantly force upon you. But with that said, the benefits of airbrush makeup seem to outweigh its cons. Here’s what our five industry experts have to say about it.

The Pros

Toni Aviles Toni Aviles Make-up Artistry

“Airbrush lasts longer than traditional makeup, especially for sweaty, oily, or problematic skin like those with acne or psoriasis. It also helps give that fine and smooth finish.”

Mayone Bakunawa-Balbarin

“Brides who aren’t used to wearing makeup feel more comfortable with airbrush makeup ‘coz it feels lighter.”

Madge Lejano The Makeup Studio

“The art of makeup is like photography: when you find the tool that works for you, then that’s it. For me, airbrush makeup is the one! Why? It’s hygienic and hypoallergenic. Application is fast. And the end result is light and allows skin to breath and look and feel natural. But it’s also high definition and covers imperfections without using too much product. It creates a smooth finish both in person and in photographs and video… I think it creates a look that cannot be achieved with traditional practice using sponges, brushes, or fingers. It’s also long-lasting and water- and smudge-resistant. And it’s perfect for our tropical country because it can withstand humidity.”

Mariah Camaya Santos Mariah Santos Professional Makeup

“For brides, using airbrush helps sustain the longevity of the makeup applied until the reception. Also, for those with skin imperfections like oily skin or scarring, it offers very good makeup coverage. I also like that it’s very sanitary since it minimises the use of sponges and brushes.”

The Cons

Jasmine Mendiola The Beauty Strategist

“The pros of airbrush makeup, for me, are fast application and blending, so friction on the skin is minimized. However, the downside for the MUA is that, once it comes on contact with skin, it may be difficult to make corrections [so it has to be precise on the first try].”

Mayone Bakunawa-Balbarin

“The only con I can think of for airbrush is that you need electricity to power the compressor. But then there are compressors with rechargeable batteries in case there’s a power outage. Other than that, I prefer to use airbrush makeup and technique because it’s flawless, seamless, lightweight, and waterproof. But airbrush in the wrong hands could be disastrous too. The point of airbrush is that it should mimic real skin. Pag hindi properly trained yung artist and they’re used to traditional makeup, they’ll pile it on, making the makeup cake or move.”

Getting Away with Traditional Makeup

Fret not, though! Despite all the raves about airbrush makeup, a lot of artists and brides still use traditional bridal makeup. It’s tried and tested, and it’s still here to stay.  The following are its pros and cons, according to our Top Knotters. Find out if it’s for you!

Madge Lejano The Makeup Studio

“With traditional makeup (if you’re not using HD products), discolorations, pores, and wrinkles are visible on HD film, as well as every line from a brush or sponge, if not blended well. But HD cameras have really made makeup artists more aware of their application methods.”

Mariah Camaya Santos Mariah Santos Professional Makeup

“I think traditional makeup is good for brides who already have healthy skin. On them, it looks natural and glowing. It’s very easy to apply and the artist has more freedom to use different makeup techniques. But it doesn’t last as long, especially on those with oily skin, and needs retouching often.”

Toni Aviles Toni Aviles Make-up Artistry

“Traditional makeup is easier to apply and, depending on the products used, longevity can still be achieved. Although it may not last as long on sweaty or oily skin.”

Jasmine Mendiola The Beauty Strategist

“It’s more affordable, obviously, and it’s also more reliable since you don’t need electricity. But if the artist isn’t well-trained, it usually takes longer to blend the makeup. Also, more friction is exerted on the skin with the use of a sponge, brush, or fingers, which may sometimes be too abrasive for those with sensitive skin.”

It’s All About the Bride!

In the end, it’s as they say: “It’s the Indian, not the pana!” Makeup results vary, not just on the tools used, but also from artist to artist and bride to bride. A good MUA should be able to competently use both airbrush and traditional makeup. And even then, they all have their signature looks. That’s why reviewing portfolios and getting a test done is crucial. But above all, it’s really what the bride needs that matters most.  Bridal makeup should always be centered on the natural beauty and personality of the bride herself. So go ahead, let this serve as your guide but choose the bridal makeup that’s best for you. We’ll support you all the way!

Supplier Spotlight: Makeup Artists:  Toni Aviles | Mayone Bakunawa-Balbarin | Madge Lejano, The Makeup Studio | Jasmine Mendiola, The Beauty Strategist | Mariah Camaya Santos

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