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Blemish-Free Complexion: How To Achieve It On Your Wedding Day

 May 3, 2017

Makeup is a wonderful thing. You know what’s even more wonderful? Makeup on a clear, blemish-free complexion.

You must be thinking, isn’t that what makeup is for? To give me skin that is smoother than a baby’s bottom? Let me give you the cold, hard truth. Makeup can and should correct all your discolorations such as dark circles underneath your eyes, redness or age spots. But sadly, it cannot flatten out bumps and fill in lines on the skin. Though it can help in making them less noticeable, makeup cannot magically even them out.  But though not all of us have been blessed with  a naturally blemish-free complexion like Pia Wurtzbach, there’s no reason for us to panic (yet)!

Here are a few ways to achieve a blemish-free complexion and be a radiant, magazine-worthy bride on your big day:

1. Drink lots of water. (3x)

I cannot stress this enough!

2. Cut down on the dairy!

Did you know that dairy contains inflammatory substances that can cause acne? It also triggers your skin to produce more sebum which can clog the pores. It also serves as a breeding ground for even more acne. The next time you feel the urge to finish a tub of ice cream (or binge on a cheese platter), remind yourself: “Dairy today, pimple tomorrow.”

3. Wear sunscreen religiously.

You don’t want age spots on your wedding day, do you?

4. Use moisturizer.

Use a lighter formula if you have oily skin and one with a creamier, denser consistency if you have dry skin. Don’t neglect your lips either! Moisturize them regularly and exfoliate by gently rubbing them with a soft toothbrush.

5. Use eye cream twice a day.

Your under eye area is extremely delicate and tends to be dryer than the rest of your face. It can use all the help it can get.

6. Assess the things that regularly come into contact with your face.

Watch out for your hands, pillowcases, and makeup brushes. The cleaner they are, the less chances of you breaking out.

7. Do not try out new skin care or makeup products right before your wedding.

If you must, do it a few months before, so your skin has time to heal or get over an allergic reaction.

8. If you plan on getting a peel, do it more than a month prior to your wedding. 

This prevents flaky, dead skin or scabs on your face during your wedding day. Take a break from medication that causes peeling (like retinol) 2 weeks before the big day.

9. If a monster pimple tragically appears a few days before the wedding, whatever you do, DO NOT POP IT.

The scabbing will be more difficult to cover up with makeup. A quick trip to the dermatologist for a cortisone shot will help fix it.

10. And last but not the least, try to get as much sleep as you can the night before the wedding.

Being well-rested really makes a difference on how makeup sits on the skin.

Another jolt of reality: you won’t wake up tomorrow with blemish-free complexion if you do all these today. It takes time and some may take longer than others to see a difference (it took years for me to keep my acne under control!). But always remember, the bride will always be the most beautiful person in the room, perfect skin or not. Let’s raise a tall glass of water to that!

Now let’s test your knowledge and how well you absorbed our tips. Can you ace this quiz?

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