Balesin Break-Up Proposal: Paolo & Leah

 June 6, 2016

Who breaks up with their girlfriend/boyfriend, at Balesin, while attending a wedding? This guy, Paolo, did. And it was the happiest moment of their lives.

Paolo and Leah went to attend a wedding in one of the most romantic islands in the Philippines, Balesin. This was actually a perfect getaway for the couple. However, Leah didn’t quite expect what was going to happen next.

break-up proposal

The only proposal where the guy tried to break up with the girl before he popped the question.

After an hour heart to heart conversation on the beach, I tried to break up with her. I jokingly said that I needed space and I don’t think we had a future. She started crying and demanded that I give a legitimate reason for breaking up.

I repeated. She demanded a reason.

When she started to cry, I knelt down on both knees, showed her the ring and told her that I wanted her to be my ex-girlfriend so she can be my wife.

“Gusto kita maging ex para maging asawa kita” 

Then I started crying and she said yes and we were both crying like a bunch of toddlers – promising that, like our families, we will build the most awesome family.

Oo na cheesy na pero gumana
“Yes” is still the sweetest word

Break-Up Proposal

When The Top Knotters interviewed Paolo and Leah, here’s what they said:

Paolo: Obviously, There was no clear Intent to really break up with Leah that day. I was nervous since I really wanted her to say YES and that’s why I had to kid around to get my nerves together. My friends know me as a joker and that I have a tendency to do this when I get nervous. I didn’t expect that it would reach that level where she actually thought I would break up with her. It worked in a way because she was caught off guard (which is what you want when you surprise someone). So, when I knelt, she was completely and utterly surprised. Her YES was the sweetest affirmation I’ve heard my entire life.

P.S.To other proposers: please don’t imitate or do this at home. Results may vary.

Leah: While we were having the ‘heavy’ heart to heart conversation by the beach facing the sunset of Balesin, I thought to myself – What a bad timing to talk about such serious issues and more so, make me cry. I kept wondering why he would bring this up now and ruin the moment of our beautiful vacation. Sumama talaga loob ko. I felt confused because he was so sweet to me that week and found no clue as to why he’d want to suddenly break up with me. Was this the “last-grand-vacation-before-breakup” type of getaway or the “thanks-for-everything-vacation-before-breakup” type of treat? After hearing his clincher pick-up line and realizing that he was actually going to propose for marriage, I felt a great sense of relief and happiness that he was just joking about the breakup. I thought – Kailangan mo talaga akong paiyakin muna for this?? At that moment, tears of joy now fell from my eyes and then (instead of slapping him or getting mad at him) I hugged him as he got up from his knees and we sealed it with a kiss.

break-up proposal
Photo by Mike Cobarrubias Photography

Well, that was quite a proposal, right? We always love happy endings..or should I say, beautiful beginnings!

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  1. Awwwww, Congratulations! Such a lovely proposal. You guys looks wonderful together. I really like the part where you have written “To other proposers: please don’t imitate or do this at home. ” – So true!!


  2. What a beautiful place to be engaged! But if my boyfriend pretends to break up with me, I’d probably walk off and ruin the moment. She seems to really love you then! Lols. Good luck on your marriage!


  3. Wow, this is really a unique way to propose to your love one. Kung ganito ginawa sa akin ng asawa ko malamang ang pangit ko sa pictures kakaiyak. Or baka inulan ng sampal ung asawa ko magdalawang isip pag-ppropose….Anyway, this turned out really well so its still a happy ending!


  4. Such a sweet gesture. With your staged act, surely any girlfriend would cry and demand for a reason especially if she sees nothing is wrong. Haha. So love the way you propose but its so masakit din sa dibdib to cry ha.


  5. Super kiligggg!! To think that’s in Balesin pa! Hahahaha. Im so happy that another couple made it through past the bf/gf stage and is now engaged. Heheh. I just liked how the guy pulled it off. Haha!


  6. Awww that sure is the sweetest gesture a man could do for his soon to be wife! You guys are awesome! Congratulations and looking forward to your wedding post. 🙂


  7. I’ve never heard of any proposal like that. I don’t think I’ll have the nerves to do that given the time. I wish you both a very happy life ahead of you.


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