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We are from The Top Knotters, a website that aims to promote local wedding suppliers and serve as a useful and engaging resource for couples preparing for their wedding.

We only plan on working to get higher up in the rankings and go mainstream to reach more of our market by filling our website with content from different wedding suppliers where they can showcase their expertise in the work that they do. This will be coupled with interesting and relevant stories, tips, photos & videos aimed at engaging our readers who are, essentially, your target market as well – soon-to-wed couples!

Why advertise with us:

1) It expands the reach of your brand in a way that is cost effective and convenient for you.

2) Our website is fully responsive and SEO optimized.

3) Our rankings are rising quickly than other local wedding websites that have been around for years.

4) We are dedicated to promoting the works of our local partners on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

5) We are always striving to provide quality, share-worthy content that is relevant to all soon-to-wed couples in order to ensure the growth of our readership.

We’re looking forward to exciting times ahead for The Top Knotters and we hope you could be a part of it.

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