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The Top Knotters is an all-around go-to site for wedding inspiration and preparation ideas.

It features a range of useful, interesting & entertaining articles & listicles from wedding and marriage tips, styling advice and event planning must-do’s to wedding stories & anecdotes. It serves as a resource for and a respite from the hustle & bustle of preparing for ‘the big day’.

 Tying the knot is such a significant milestone in someone’s life. While its main players are the couple getting ‘tied to each other for life’ often times supported by loving family & friends, we cannot discount the efforts put in by wedding suppliers in helping make the first day of the rest of their life as smooth sailing & as memorable as can be. Here, we call them ‘The Knotters’.

 This site aims to help brides & grooms-to-be to easily get to know the works of different wedding suppliers to find out which one could be most suitable for them. And it turn, it gives them the opportunity to share their top picks & experiences with others.

It is the first and only interactive site where subscribers can share and vote on who for them are among the top knotters — those who deliver the best work that can turn dream weddings into reality.